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Behind the Scenes of the Website

Little update on what’s happening on the website. I know I don’t post a lot these days, but that doesn’t mean nothing’s happening behind the scenes ;-)

First off, I worked quite a lot to improve the admin part of the website. I changed my interface a little and added some functions to ease the writing of posts.

Among the changes I made to my editing interface is a list of the ten last images I uploaded. The list displays a preview of the image when I hover my mouse over the name of a picture and enables me to insert it in my post by simply clicking on it. I also added a feature to generate a table of contents automatically, like the one you can find in my Vim tutorial (which is not yet translated, but you can take a look at the French version to see what it looks like). Another useful addition is a save button that enables me to save the post I’m writing without having to leave the editing interface.

Here’s what my awesome image list looks like (it contains some hints about two posts coming in the near future):

I also finished adding a feature to make collapsable sections, which can come in handy in tutorials to hide parts a good amount of people know how to do. Here’s what it looks like:

Hey there, I’m a collapsable section…

Hi, I’m the content of the collapsable section.

You may be wondering what my editing interface looks like? Well, here’s the answer to your question:

Finally, let’s go over some stats. The website has been online for almost 4 months now (7 months for the French counterpart). Meanwhile, 63 posts have been published (a lot are not translated yet but don’t worry, they’ll come), leading to a total of 15,305 views, which is around 243 views per post. Those views led to 28 comments and 79 ratings, with an average rating of 8.32/10 and 2.25 comments per post :-)

Regarding subscribers, there aren’t any for the English part at the moment, however there are 6 for the other part. There are also 2 people subscribed to my English RSS feed and 3 to my French one.

See you soon for a new post :-)

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