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Leap Motion Unveils Windows 8 Interaction Demonstration

Leap Motion put a particularly interesting video online yesterday, showing how you interact with Windows 8 using the Leap. From what they said, it works out of the box, so you just have to plug it in to start using your computer just like you would with your trackpad. The difference is that you're not touching anything (and obviously that it's in 3D). You can use all the multi-touch gestures you would use on a laptop. Here's the video:

Talking about not touching anything, you may remember the usage example I talked about in my first post about the Leap. In case you don't, it was about a surgeon who could use a medical imagery program without having to remove his gloves or touch the computer. This could save a lot of time and keep the computers in operating rooms sterile. Well, this is exactly what Scopis Medical did with its program, and it seems nicely done. Watch the video below to discover their program in action.

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