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Welcome to My New Blog

Welcome on my new blog! As you can see, I decided to learn HTML5, CSS, PHP and MySQL to create my own website. It allows me much more flexibility than using Google’s Blogger platform.

It took me fewer time than expected :-) I started almost from scratch, having only a basic knowledge of HTML. I started learning HTML5 and CSS3 last week, followed by PHP and MySQL. 1734 code lines later, you can see the result here :-)

There just remains a little bug with Lightbox, which doesn’t work correctly on my homepage. If you want to zoom on an image, open the post by clicking on its title. I’ll fix this bug as soon as possible.

Enjoy your visit!

Update: This bug doesn’t seem to be present on Internet Explorer… For once, he does things right.

Update 2: I am working on a new interface for my homepage that will fix the problem once and for all.

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