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Get Metro 2033 for Free

If you missed Humble Bundle THQ, this offer from THQ could interest you. By simply liking la page Facebook de Metro, THQ will give you a code to download Metro 2033 on Steam, all for free! Enjoy your free game :)

Here’s what Gamespot’s Chris Watters thought about the game:

Metro 2033 is a well-paced shooter that will likely take you more than 10 hours to complete. It is punctuated by emotional and dramatic moments (a surprising encounter with a child, a few intense railcar sequences), though these aren’t without their own idiosyncrasies (the immersion-busting “quickly tap x” prompt). Many elements of Metro 2033 aren’t quite up to modern shooter standards, but taken as a whole, they come together nicely. The pervasive atmosphere is largely responsible for this cohesion, creating a grim, enthralling world that you feel compelled to explore. Though it is not without its perils, Metro 2033 is a very worthwhile game for anyone craving a uniquely rewarding journey into man’s dark future.

Sources: Le Journal du Gamer

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