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Discover How Richer You Are Than You Think

We all know certain people are richer than us. What we tend to forget is that there are a lot of other people who are not. That's where this website I discovered today steps in. It makes us realize how rich we really are, compared to the rest of the world, by situating us in what they called the "Global Rich List". Put simply, the website tells you what percentage of the world's population is richer than you and what percentage isn't.

Here's what we get for a 1,500 € net monthly salary (18,000 €/year):

global rich list

To situate yourself, you just have to head over to the website and enter your annual net income and your country. The website will then give you a whole lot of information about your wealth, including your hourly income and a few comparisons between you and a worker that isn't as lucky as you are.

The whole point of this is to raise funds for charities by showing people they're often better off than they realize.

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