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Open Letter to Proximus

Dear Sir,
Dear Madam,

Former client of your company, I was called by a person of the latter on April 8 2014 to sell me your services, once again. Several people in my family and friends have also been contacted for the same reasons.

The person I had on the line repeatedly stated that your rates had changed and that they are unbeatable. Well informed on this matter, having a post online comparing the different data plans of belgian providers, I expressed my objections to your employee. However, she kept arguing that your rates had changed. At some point, I considered the fact that you might have changed your rates without me knowing about it. So I asked your employee for details about those new rates. She didn’t want to give me any, despite my insistence, telling me it’s ‘not her role’.

After ending the call, I went and took a look at your rates. Nothing changed. You are not the cheapest provider and your rates are certainly not unbeatable. Worse, you’re the most expensive provider in the country, resting on your laurels as the original operator.

In addition to that, I was called again two days later by another employee, to whom I expressed my frustration regarding the nonsense her colleague told me in the last call. She proceeded to tell me the rates were changed ‘a couple of days ago’. Yet, to this date, your website remains unchanged.

This practice is commonly known as false advertising, and I find your policy to be simply unacceptable. Your constant solicitation, may it be by phone, at store exits or elsewhere, shows just how much you’re lacking ideas. Welcome to the world of competition. You see your customers go and you have no clue what to do to keep them. Want to know the trick? Make your rates really interesting and stop lying to people. It works, seriously.


A jaded consumer

Update: I’ve been notified on July 23, 2014 that this is still going on (rates haven’t changed, of course).

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