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SwiftKey Flow Now in Beta

SwiftKey has finally released the beta of their app’s new version: SwiftKey Flow. So, what’s new in this version? Actually, it adds only one thing, but it’s a big thing: swipe support.

Just like Android 4.2’s keyboard or Swype, you can now swipe between the keys of your keyboard to type text, which makes one-handed typing extremely fast and easy. Add the exceptional predictions from SwiftKey, and you’ve got yourself the perfect keyboard. It’s basically SwiftKey on steroids.

I’ve personally bought SwiftKey when I got my first Android phone and haven’t stopped using it ever since. I’ve tried other keyboards, but in the end I always came back to SwiftKey, missing its powerful prediction engine.

SwiftKey can learn from your blog’s RSS feed, your Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and sent text messages to learn how you talk, so it can give you the best predictions possible. Sometimes, I type out whole sentences just using its predictions. I think it really is the best keyboard out there.

Here are the download links for the beta:

And the app’s presentation video:

Sources: SwiftKey

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