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Leap Motion Will Announce Pre-Orders Shipping Date Later This Month

Last month, Leap Motion —the company behind the Leap—, told Twitter users their device will begin shipping later this quarter. If you don’t know what this Leap I’m talking about is, I invite you to read my post about it. To explain it quickly, it’s a little device that enables you to control your computer using gestures a bit like John Anderton in Minority Report. It ships right to your mailbox for around 65 euros + VAT, which in Belgium totals to approximately 73 euros1 (VAT in the EU is not applicable to shipping)

Recently, Leap Motion released some new information: they will announce a release date later this month.

We now know pre-orders will start to arrive in mailboxes early April at worst. I’ll make a new post once Leap Motion announces the final release date. Can’t wait!

Update (26/04): Leap Motion delayed the final release by two months. For more information, read my post about it here.

Sources: Twitter

  1. In my original post about the Leap, I mentioned a price of 65 euros, which is without taxes. 

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